March 22, 2009

Day 81 - Dogs

Day 81 - Dogs
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One of my goals in retirement is to get a dog. We haven't had one in many years and I would love to have a furry friend to love now that we are empty nesters. I definitely want a shelter dog and a dog that is already an adult. Scott & I went to a Pet Expo today at the Arlington Park Race Track. We wanted to get a feel for what shelters are in our area and what kinds of dogs are available for adoption. Here are a few of the dogs that were at the Expo that tugged at my heartstrings. Our next step will be visiting some of the shelters.

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  1. You'll also be giving the dog a wonderful life. I hope you find one you like. The first thing I'm going to do if I ever live in a house is get a cat and a dog. I miss having pets.